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Peer-reviewed papers

  • JJ Qian, E Akçay (2018). Competition and niche construction in a model of cancer metastasis. PLOS ONE. 13(5): e0198163.


  • JJ Qian, E Akçay (2019). The balance of interaction types determines the assembly and stability of ecological communities. bioRxiv. (In revision)

Invited talks

  • JJ Qian (2018). Ecology of cancer: niche construction and metastasis. Cancer Seminar Series, Physical Sciences Oncology Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

Abstracts & poster presentations

  • JJ Qian, S Keenan, AD Bansal, LB Holzman, MJ Lazzara (2016). Epidermal growth factor receptor augments nephrin tyrosine phosphorylation. American Society of Nephrology 2016 annual meeting.