Peer-reviewed papers

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  • COVID-19 & The Future Of Telemedicine: Dr. Ian Tong - CMO @ Doctor on Demand. BIOS Podcast (March 2020).
  • All Things Biopharma: Rob Chess - Serial Entrepreneur & Executive. BIOS Podcast (March 2020).
  • Healthcare Delivery Innovation: Dr. Robert Pearl - Former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group BIOS Podcast (May 2020).
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  • Innovation & implementation: Jessica Chao - Director of UCSF Clinical Innovation Center. BIOS Podcast (May 2020).
  • Computational Biology Frontier w/ Nan Li — Managing Partner @ Obvious Ventures. BIOS Podcast. (Aug 2020).

Invited talks

  • JJ Qian (2018). Ecology of cancer: niche construction and metastasis. Cancer Seminar Series, Physical Sciences Oncology Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

Abstracts & poster presentations

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Opinion and perspectives

  • Crisis Management in Medicine: Why Psychedelic Medicine should play an enhanced role in the post-COVID era (2020). Psychedelic Support.
  • Combatting COVID’s impact on psychedelic medicine through building community (2020). Sociedelic.
  • Use technology to fix medical education (2020). KevinMD.
  • Bystander CPR: Training the public to save lives (2016). Penn Synapse.